Monday, 5 July 2010

March Stone 2 ABD

This one's tricky. Overlooked by the Holburn Bar and/or Ferryhill Library and/or disused Gents bogs and/or Andersons Guns (whichever suits you best), it forms part of the nearside verge of the Holburn St/Gt Southern Road roundabout. Don't go at rush-hour, because you have to stand on the carriageway to see it. You also have to bend vegetation out of the way with your feet (or someone else's feet) if you want a decent photo. So don't wear your best shoes. (Or tell them not to.)

Not only does this stone mark the boundary of the Freedom Lands of Aberdeen, but it also marks the boundary between the over-rated Lands of Ferryhill and the fabulous Lands of Pitmuxton.

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