Thursday, 1 July 2010

Gardens Cash "Must Come From Business"

The machinations of ACSEF and ACC on the City Square Gardens Project grind on. Councillors begin to feel a sense of doubt and shame.

Today's Peenj

But those who bemoan the loss of the Brisac Gonzales Contemporary Arts Centre for Peacock Visual Arts for the site of the now proposed Sir Ian Wood Square have clearly missed the 'big picture'.

Here, now, towards the end of the age of hydrocarbon-propelled personal transport, we see our city abandon the sustainable Crossrail suburban rail transport plan in favour of a ring-road motorway (AWPR) and extension of urban dual-carraigeway schemes (Berryden, Kittybrewster); we have a celebrated celebrity international figure-of-fun loudmouth vulgarian making grandiloquent claims for a new golf-course and condominium scheme for the super-rich to the north of the city and the madcap imposition of the out-of-scale 'City Square' vanity project which wantonly destroys that which is actually quite good within the city centre; Mounthooly Roundabout is re-designated as part of the city's protected 'Urban Green Space Network' (no, really); then, just as the motor industry worldwide is re-tooling for battery-power electric vehicles, ACSEF (Aberdeen City And Shire Economic Future) intend turning the road to Peterhead into the 'Hydrogen Highway' of the future.

And then, out of the blue we have a truly amazing, stunning, visionary plan for huge tunnels and underground transport interchanges and escalators. Yes indeed, what the arts community needs to understand is that ACSEF are, in fact, an overground underground (like the anarchist Wombles) seditionist avante-guard group of very very serious contemporary artists and subversive revolutionary situationists intent on turning Aberdeen itself into the largest and most spectacular neo-conceptual art installation ever conceived in the world. Massurrealism meets fantasticism meets apres-post-modern-futurism meets impossibilism. We are their brushes, the City and Shire is their canvas. And they call their manifesto ENERGETICA. It's thrilling.

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