Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Disneyland for Aberdeen?

Who lives in a house like this? This building is brand new.

Dismayed by the waste of materials implied by the creation of this pompous pastiche which misdirects capital and skills to re-visit the past, we find ourselves asking "why?"

Scotland has many, many buildings like this - there's no need to create new ones; the Victorians were actually quite good with this French-Gothic style. Has our era no style of its own which we can be proud of?


Iain Richardson said...

Wow! Where is this architectural delight?

G said...

This confection of construction is in Bieldside. But the more pertinent question is "who?".

MWA said...

Witness the "eco-house" emerge, like a butterfly from a chrysalis cocoon ... (third movie down)


G said...

Splendid! Thanks for that. More info here:



MWA said...

Let's play "Through the Keyhole" ... which infamous "eco-warrior" inhabits this humble abode with his trusty housekeeper, Mrs Doubtfire?


Anonymous said...

Jeez, 'ats minkit!