Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Esoteric, secret, hidden.

Out of respect, (and maybe even a little fear) for the trouserleg-lifting funny-handshakers of Crown Street, we're not going to reveal where this is. You might be able to guess.

Click the images for a full size view. Look closely if you don't see the content immediately. Patience pays. There are literally hundreds of these ciphers at this location, hidden in plain view.


Oraculumsulmareexcoeurd'Ecosse said...

These are the marks of the stone masons who built these structures. Each mason would have his own variation of the symbol and individually recognisable to other masons working in the area.

This is an ancient tradition visible on buildings and structures in many countries.

'The Introduction and Use of Masons' Marks ...'

Oraculumsulmareexcoeurd'Ecosse said...

Your final photograph is particularly interesting, showing the marks of the gang of masons working on this job.