Despite the cobwebs - March Stones ABD 61 CR to the Omega Stone

21 Jan 2013

This blog is cobwebbed, but I today learned that some of the "Freedom Lands" March Stones we visited and blogged about in the past have gone missing.


Apparently, the council don't have their own photos of these stones, so I've been contacted and my permission has been sought to use my photos of March Stones ABD 38 and ABD 39 in support of efforts to find the missing artefacts. I wrote about them and included images in the post: "March Stones 37 to 39 ABD"

All this drew my attention to the fact that when I cobwebbed the blog, I hadn't finished the series detailing the March Stones, and it now seems that my photos are regarded as a valuable resource. So, for the sake of completeness, here are pics of the remaining March Stones, between The Spital and the mouth of the Don.

All the ABD March Stones are gathered together on a page here:

There are also shitloads of other (non-freedom land) boundary stones around town, and milestones and the like. Maybe I'll publish my pics of them tomorrow.
But this blog is cobwebbed.

61 ABD CR - on Spital

62 ABD CR - on Spital

63 ABD CR - outside Pittodrie Stadium

64 ABD CR - beside the CHP plant on Golf Road

65 ABD CR - against the wall of the cat and dog home.

Omega Stone Ω ABD CR - at outfall of Powis Burn into River Don

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