Monday, 23 August 2010

Public Art at Tyrebagger Woods.

We're ashamed to admit that we hadn't even heard of this place until the other day when we read that our favourite quango Aberdeen Greenspace had done some work on path consolidation there - so off we went and  we were delighted to 'discover' this installation (among many others).

When we came across it, we were first reminded of the sort of palisades built by British settlers in places like Virginia and Newfoundland during the 17th century. 

Then, as we explored the concentric structure we were reminded of other concentric defensive structures, like the pre-historic forts and earthworks around Aberdeenshire. Places like Bruce's Camp, and Hill of Christ's Kirk. There are many others.

As the concentric structure drew us in, we were delighted to find the catwalk/plank/ramp which provides access to the inside. 

This catwalk access reminded us of those other prehistoric forts, the Crannogs

Bench seating inside gives a relaxed haven, open to the sky, to sit, relax and listen to the sounds of the forest.

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