Tuesday, 6 July 2010

I've been expecting you, Mr Bond...

An intriguing "propertunity". (It's not really in Aberdeen, but it'll make a nice bolt hole for any Mad Tycoon Megalomaniacs who might live there!)

Aberdeen Property Solicitors Centre Link (so it won't stay live forever...)
The Guard House, Bervie Brow

From the schedule...

...the uniqueness of the property is that adjoining the house is a subterranean structure which is believed to have been constructed as a military facility in the 1950’s as a military command centre and operated until approximately 1985.

The access is adjacent to the lodge and then descends almost 18 metres by a narrow sloping corridor. It then transcends into a labyrinth of rooms with one area reflecting a Second World War plotting centre or something out of the James Bond movie Dr No.

It is intriguing to consider what private use in this day and age such a vast underground facility could be utilised for. A guestimate of its extent is at least 9,000 sq.ft on a multitude of levels. Some suggestions have been a mushroom farm or a large wine store and if the site had been in a more accessible location it would have made a superb night club. However this is when a purchaser will have the opportunity to exercise their flair and imagination!

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