Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Lost Dreams of the Potential Lions

These are Aberdeen's quiescent lions. They will sleep eternally within the rocks - existing only ever as potential lions.

Originally intended as heraldic gatekeepers to the George VI bridge linking Ferryhill and Kincorth, their birth from the rock was still, interrupted by the Second World War. After the war, the will and means was never mustered to complete their sculpting.

The fourth dormant lion now roars silently as the Ertchie 'Petch' Simpson memorial in Bon Accord Square. The three seen above are in Hazlehead Park's Sculpture Garden. Along with this orphaned plinth which has never seen the statue which it was to host:

All a bit sad, really...


One of the lions got a bit closer to being born from the stone than the others:

With a little imagination, we can see the curve of his back, leading to his haunches and rear paws as he sits neatly. The hint of a swishing tail. The curve of the back of his head is visible, with pointed ears sprouting from his lush mane.

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JadeLD said...

This is really interesting, I've not lived in Aberdeen for very long and there's still so much to discover - so glad I've found your blog!