Sunday, 4 July 2010

Kingswells Consumption Dykes

Catherine Sinclair, 1840.

"You might fancy, in some parts of this country, that it rained stones instead of water! And towards the west, where rocks abound most, the superfluous stones are swallowed up in what is called and 'Aberdeenshire dyke' built about six feet high, and twenty or thirty feet broad, fit for a waggon to be driven on, and looking as if materials had been collected for a village.

"On which, with an immensity of toil,
It built itself into a monster mound,
Matching in size our long broad granite pier,
Reminding us of Bablyon's great walls.
For all along the middle of its top
The broader flatter stones, designedly,
Are laid to form a way quite passable
For gentle lady or fine gentleman."

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