Thursday, 31 March 2011

Aberdeen's Incarcerated

We worry about the conditions of Aberdeen's incarcerated. They are denied the liberty to move freely. Their view of the outside world is obstructed by steel bars and unbreakable laminated glass. And - we understand - they are often inhumanly tied to chairs (this is said to be for their own "safety") in confined conditions, denied what we would regard as adequate bodyspace. In their cramped confinement stress positions, there is never enough room to stretch arms out; the dimensions of the space severely restricting even the smallest bodily movement. They are forced to obey seemingly arbitrary rules which govern their every activity, and are subject to autarchic punishment dished out by the wardens - there is no appeal to this form of summary justice.

We believe that they are often subject to repetitive loud rock music or sugary-facile pop ditties, interspersed with bizarre and recurrent exhortations which are designed to condition their behaviour and outlook; to bend them to the conformity required by society.

This mind-control conditioning is so successful, we are given to believe, that so institutionalised have these poor people become that, that, even when given the opportunity to walk free and flee their captivity, they choose of their own free will to return again and again to what they without irony call their "safety cell". Their minds cleansed of any original or nonconforming thought, as a substitute for their own wit or creativity they mouth to their fellows the repetitive shallow cant of the conditioning disquisitions which they gladly and voluntarily absorb passively again and again....

> "Ooooooooh Yes!"
> "No No No No No!"
> "Simples!"

As for the prisoners in SPS Craiginches - pictured in the background of the photo, we understand that conditions have improved significantly since the ending of "slopping out".


Kynon said...

"incarcerated" - being a fan of puns and wordplay, I salute you for this worthy effort!

Also, I hadn't come upon before - many thanks.

Peter Burnett said...

yeh, aberdeen's just a cartoon ;-)