Thursday, 24 February 2011

By Order Of Me at the Broad Hill

"By Order Of Me" is a public art installation on Aberdeen's Broad Hill which suggests "challenging new ways for people to interact with and enjoy their urban environment". Splendid! Walk down the Beach Boulevard or Constitution Street or Urquhart Road and go and see it - the signs mock the Aberdeen City Council signs which more usually tell young people what not to do - you know the ones "No Skateboarding. By order of ACC", "No Ball Games. By order of ACC", "Keep off the Grass. By order of ACC". It's intended that the installation will stay in place for a whole year; encouraging visitors to step out of themselves, and jarring them out of their usual view of the world.

The installation is part of the National Theatre of Scotland's Extreme Aberdeen Project and is the final "trailblazer" event which builds towards the site specific theatre/dance/extreme sport/interactive art event: "Nothing to See Here".

Which we're very much looking forward to seeing.

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Neil said...

Fantastic blog you have here really inspiring, if you want to see more pictures from the B.O.O.M project check them out here: By Order of Me