Friday, 28 January 2011


A brief follow-up to our ongoing "dunno" about whether we like or dislike the redevelopment of Justice Mill Lane.

We were intrigued by the double-handed backhand technique exhibited by renowned local architect Norman Marr in the award citation given to the IQ/Radisson Park Inn building at the 2010 Aberdeen Civic Society Awards (PDF here - see p4). The citation demonstrates what we believe is called "plausible deniability", and Mr Marr himself deserves a Blondin Award for his rhetorical high wire act.

There can be no doubt that the blight, vacancy, neglect, filth and dilapidation which characterised the location until recently was a blot. We're definitely glad to see it gone and we believe that hotel accommodation and commercial offices are ideal uses for such a central business district location. The question remains, though: Should we praise what we've now got on this site, simply because it's better than waste ground? Or should we be more critical, believing that the site deserved buildings of better quality and/or execution?

Well, we're still not ready to decide.

But today we'll draw attention to something we most certainly do not like: The new terrace of buildings has annexed the skyline with vulgar commercial branding.

Both from the West.

And from the East.

We dislike this brash subsumption of our town's skyline under these commercial banners. It serves as a psychogeographical negative, a minus point, a black mark towards our eventual evaluation of this new piece of urban placemaking.

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Julie said...

It is just one more step along the path to make Aberdeen look like any other city.