Thursday, 13 January 2011

Shock Traffic News

Despite our promise not to read local newspaper The Press and Journal (as it often winds us up a bit too much) our attention has been drawn to this encouraging report:

Traffic on Major City Routes at Lowest Level.

Quite quiet on the A956 Inner City Ring-Road.
If this ringroad is so quiet, why do they think they need another one?

Apparently, motor traffic on some of the town's strategic road network has fallen to levels not seen since the early 1990's. We're delighted by this, and not entirely surprised. We have mentioned in the past how Aberdeen is a surprisingly good place to cycle, and every day we seem to see more and more cyclists on the town's roads, an impression confirmed by official figures.

Maybe we'll start an "Aberdeen Cycle Chic" blog.
Like Copenhagen Cycle Chic.
We were also unsurprised to see that some of the commenters who have posted their thoughts at the bottom of the report's web page are in denial about these figures (they are suffering from the paradox of rising expectations). They believe that buses cause congestion, and call for the abolition of bus lanes. Gave us a good laugh, that did. 

The P&J's report is correct to mention the growth in cycling and train use as being instrumental in the drop in traffic levels from their previously problematical and harmful levels (although they are, of course, still far to high). But they have failed to notice that many people actually use walking as a great, low cost, low carbon, healthy way of getting around. We've seen them, the flâneurs, appropriately and stylishly dressed, their boots were made for walking - and for cutting a dash around town. They walk the city in order to experience it. We are these people, we can all be these people.
Join us.

"Undertaking a key role in understanding, participating in
and portraying the city."


Anonymous said...

But if you get rid of all the traffic, there’ll be no top decks of multi-storey car parks to have adventures on.

A said...

@Anonymous. If all the traffic were to magically disappear, then the entirity of the urban realm would become available to have adventures on.