Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Geldieburn Unbound

The open area at Foords o' Dee (beside the Bridge of Dee) is looking great at the moment. This is an interesting area, with lots of histobunk and stuff, which we promise we'll examine in detail when the season improves.

That's the outfall of the Newlands Burn. By the Ruthrieston Pack Bridge.

Anyhow, when we were down there at the weekend, we were in the area where the Geldieburn outfall deposits its flow into the Dee. Unfortunately, the snow and ice prevented us from locating the outfall or from seeing the water of the Geldie actually flowing. Bah.

The Geldie outfall. Under there somewhere.
However, the psychogeographical gods were similing on us that day, and as we walked up the south-facing slope that is Pitmuxton, we noticed that Broomhill Road had been disrupted by something bad happening to the carriageway.

It's the Geldie! We did get to see it's water flowing after all!
According to the Scottish Water engineers who showed up to try to fix it, the culvert which carries the Geldieburn underneath Broomhill Road close to Salisbury Terrace had collapsed.

By later in the day, the situation had worsened.

By monday, the culvert had been cleared and the Geldie was back in bondage, but the carriageway cannot be repaired until the temperature rises above freezing. A light control has been installed, much to the frustration of the tea-time commuters hurrying home in time for The Simpsons.

And we thought that only cyclists went through red lights!

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Alex Mitchell said...

Interesting! For all the pints I have quaffed in the Abergeldie Bar, it never occurred to me that there must be/have been such a thing as the Geldie Burn nearby. Was there not an Abergeldie Castle somewhere?