Thursday, 18 November 2010

Guerilla, Public and Semi-Public Art in Queens Cross

Returning from our visit to the Crypto-Communist Roof of John Lewis, we walked back to Other Aberdeen Towers in the heart of downtown upscale Pitmuxton via a route suggested by this photo of the view from the Roof of John Lewis.

We're glad that we chose to walk that way, rather than slalom in-and-out between all the chuggers on Union St (bah!). We're glad we went off-the-beaten track, because, as so often, we were delighted by what we saw...

Smile, life is what u make it

This advice reminded us of the fellow psychogeographer (and guerilla artist) who we mentioned the other day, Lewis Dryburgh and his "A Message for You" guerilla art project which he conducted this summer in Aberdeen. It's always comforting to come across stuff like this - strangers sending uplifting and comforting messages out into the world. You could almost feel like you were being benignly watched over.

We said 'benignly"!

We were also delighted to come across a customised example of this most invisible and ubiquitous piece of street furniture; the "Bigg" electrical junction box (they control the streetlamps).

This junction box has been jazzed-up.
Action Art. Dynamic. More, please.
We like garden displays - even the kitschest gnome-tableau speaks of someone who cares deeply about their surroundings - and in Queens Cross the residents bring a sophisticated edge to the traditional garden gonk.

The feeling of being watched over continues.
Who knows what scenarios are played out by the personifications of these characters in this highly sophisticated display (below) with its toy-box juxtaposition of totems, tikis and teddies. Bart Simpson lies supine, his catapult broken and Thomas the Tank engine is derailed. The black horse standing at the foot of the eagle-headed totem-pole consults Scooby Doo for advice. Let's hope he gets it. The wooden woodsman looks stoically and silently on - a knowing smile spreading thinly across his lips, his axe-arm relaxed (but ready) as he surveys the scene with the bucket-living water-spirit. The teddies don't know what to make of it all.

Fantastical. Phantasmagorical. Literally - look it up.


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