Monday, 13 September 2010

Save the Unicorn!

Saved! This unicorn by famed Aberdeen monumental mason Jack Ruddiman of Merkland Road has been saved twice. First with the demolition of Holburn St. School where he sat on the apex of the street-facing gable.

The unicorn then took pride of place on the Holburn St. frontage of the modernist slab and block building occupied by the College of Commerce which was built on the site of the former school. After that building was condemned, for about a decade the unicorn was ignominously protected by a plywood box mounted on the gable end.

Talisman House now occupies the site, but that après-post modern edifice could not find space for our mythical herald. So now he sits quietly in a corner of the reception area of ACC's Broad Street offices, seen only by those who know he's there.

We think that's a shame. It's time he was outside again.

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