Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Hardgate Well

The Hardgate Well which dates from the 17th century and its commemorative plaque on the "Dubbydykes" section of Aberdeen's historic Hardgate have gone. Obliterated by the new Park Inn hotel development on Justice Mill Lane. The well and plaque told a very important story crucial to the history and character of Aberdeen (both the city and its people), and contributed to the geographical and historical legibility of the city.

Other than a (primary-school friendly) interpretation panel at the Bridge of Dee, this was the only public site in Aberdeen where the Civil War was commemorated in any way.

The wording on the plaque itself was very well considered; providing facts without interpretation, and inviting (by implication) the interested reader to find out more by his or her own initiative.

Will the well and plaque be re-sited? Or are they sitting, significance ignored, in some far-off architectural salvage yard?

I've written to the city archeologist. We'll see what he says...


Gatt said...

Better photo of Hardgate Well here:
Taken not long after the destruction of Strawberry Bank

Anonymous said...

I enquired back in July 2008 and got this response:

Thanks for your enquiry about the Hardgate well and plaque. The stone well-head and the plaque have been numbered and removed by the demolition contractor under my supervision and they are being stored at the moment and rebuilt once the hotel is completed. They will be rebuilt somewhere within the hotel complex but the developer is not sure where yet. We have uncovered and recorded the well itself and it will be capped and built over.


Alison Cameron
Assistant Archaeologist